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Who’s Afraid of the Black Blocs

A much welcome trip to Montreal, including a visit with some old friends, was the setting for this conversation with  Francis Dupuis-Déri about his book: Who’s Afraid of the Black Blocs? Anarchy in Action around the World. Our conversation ended up being at least an hour of fascinating dialogue which was then heavily condensed for this overview of his book to publicize the English language version being published.

Produced for Between the Lines Books.

Georgette Fry Sings Etta James: The Story Behind The Show

I got to sit down with Georgette after the show and discuss unexpected career trajectories, life on the road and the simple pleasure of playing music with old friends, who happen to be really good musicians as well…

The concert was filmed at Kingston, Ontario’s Grand Theatre, featuring Georgette Fry singing the songs of Etta James.

Band: Georgette Fry (Lead Vocals), Anna Sudac (Vocals), Tabby Johnson (Vocals), Jonathan Stewart (Bandleader & Saxophone), Janet McRae (Trumpet), James Wannamaker (Saxophone), Alain McCann (Piano & Keyboards), Ken Hall (Organ), Duncan Holt (Drums), Zak Colbert (Bass), David Barton (Guitar), and the Shout Sister Choir. Live Sound Recording: Matt Rogalsky. Camera: Eric Ferguson, Lenny Epstein, Arden Rogalsky, Josh Lyon.

Thanks to The Grand Theatre!